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We are at the forefront of solution design for our clients building greater minds by pushing the limits and bounds when it comes to what they require. We believe that we have the best minds in the South African if not the world market and use that to our full advantage. We offer world class solutions that give our customers the ultimate advantage in this day and age.


We gather our greats minds with our years of experience to plot and plan the moves that we require to achieve our ultimate goals like in a game of chess we have our sight on winning and we know that there will be sacrifices. This is a part of life and for the greater good of our company


We have built our company to be a unique brand and well commenced image into days world. We have live and maintained our image as by our CEO his three wants:
People want to know us, People want to deal with us and most of all people want to work for us.
With these words as a guideline we have strive to ensure we live up to them.

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What else we provide?

IT Infrastructural Services

specialist IT Service Provider that designs, implements, services and manages customized ICT services and solutions.

Motorsport Services

specialist Motorsport Service Provider that designs, implements, services and manages customized motor services and solutions.

Hydraulics Services

specialist Hydraulics Services Provider that designs, implements, services and manages customized hydraulics services and solutions.

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Who we are?

Jetworks Group is a all in one services provider.
We have a large range of value service built on changing South Africa into a first world country.

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About us

Jetworks is a group of companies striving to bring South Africa in to the forefront of products and services in the world today. Using the main fact that South Africa is the main country to gain access into Africa in terms of development and structure.